About Us

Officially the St. Columbkille Shepherds are a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit corporation dedicated to supporting the youth in the Papillion/LaVista area. This would include but not limited to the parish school, scouting, sports, and other youth programs.

The St. Columbkille Shepherds were formed in 1994 by seven leaders from Boy Scout Troop 359. Three of the original seven are still active. The St. Columbkille Shepherds were incorporated in 1995 and have grown from an initial 7 members to 14. The Shepherds however rely heavily on spouses, family, and volunteers from the organizations that they support as well as members of the Parish to make selling fireworks a success. These workers, including the Shepherd members, are all unpaid volunteers. This allows for greater funds available for youth groups and programs.

The Shepherds conduct only one fundraiser each year.  During the 4th of July season, they sell fireworks in the Mason’s parking lot at 84th street and Centennial Drive.

Volunteer Sign-up

“Great prices and quality. Expert advice. They even have videos to show how each firework looks like. But even better, 100% profit from this all-volunteer group goes directly to our local kids’ programs. So, the Shepherds Fireworks tent will be the only place my family will be shopping for their fireworks this and every year.”

Dave W. – Firework enthusiast